Sep 6, 2016

tender heart,
don't be afraid to love.
don't be afraid to fall.

don't be afraid when your wings can no longer carry your heavy.

Sep 2, 2016

i want you here
because i can't do this feeling so alone.

i want you here
because i just honestly miss you.

i want you here
because i really, really need to know.

we need to know.

Aug 21, 2016

"are you tired?"
"no. i'm just happy to see you reach the top."

" did it!!!"

main tumhe bahut yaad kar rhi hoon...

Aug 17, 2016

it's hard to want to reach out and touch you. knowing i can't.
it's hard to want to lean in to you and just be. knowing i can't.
it's hard to want to hear your voice over inconsistent phone connections.

...feeling like every second is so urgent.

it's hard.
some days, too.damn.hard.

most days i wonder of the realities.
our reality.

Aug 13, 2016

they say turning 30 is a pivotal moment in one's life.
well, i was recently welcomed into this exclusive, inspired-laden-season-in-life however, in no way do i attribute my juncture due to age! *eye roll*

age is...
just.a.number - the pit stops in our journey to pause and reflect.
and i have had a lot of that very recently.

travel changes you, they say.
and this, i agree with and will stand in court with a Bible in one hand
-- travel changes you.

the days of preparation to trek in the Himalayas wasn't without its traumatizing times. as i embarked on new experiences, friendships suddenly lost their footholds and legitly, i felt 'attacked' for being who i am.

and so, i blamed myself and only me.

post trek, i returned to deeper blows of even more lost friendships.
this time, the person i have embraced on my travels isn't one to sit and whine about it.

as i walked the harsh deserts and grew to depend on myself,
i begun to let go of who i was, who i thought i was and,
dove deeper into who i really am.

never will i claim myself perfect - i know it isn't all butterflies and yes, some things i hide in shame - yet i have found the courage to finally be me.

this is my time to embrace me.
and if you can't keep up - i won't fret.

i am alone, yes.
but not lonely.