Jan 9, 2010

:: after 12 years ::

the tiger stirs...

tiger on the roam

and comes to play once more

the year of the tiger has arrived

the year of the tiger has arrived

so, who else is a tiger baby?
we should all gather up our tails and sing the Tigger song!

this post is proudly brought to you by:
proudly brought to you by...

*blissful sigh*


EstherVSH said...

LOL! Bila you buy?

triShie said...

haha... pretty weird but, kinda typical as well. it's more like a sudden blessing...

kenwooi said...

that's a really cute cup!


Angelineweess said...

have been on your blog often and saw that mug a few times, it looks great but for some strange reasons i never notice that its a starbucks!! :( :( I have not walked into a starbucks for a while already!! :(

triShie said...

hi angie!!
how are you? maybe u shud go sometime soon and just relax?